Painting Workshops

Intentional Creativity & Intuitive Painting Journeys

Five Leaves Painting Journeys are usually a one to two day Intuitive process of bringing personal archetypal images of the Feminine and their message into form on the canvas.

In these offering I guide a carefully curated journey-like process which blends spontaneous art processes I have trained in with Marie Perret (Healing Art) with the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity ® method of Visioning, sketching, journalling & guided layered painting steps, created by Shiloh Sophia.

These journeys are based on her-story, symbolism & themes of feminine mythology along with Inquiry, guided meditation and Intuitive Art to access and support our deepest expression, guidance and potential for transformation through the themes and creative processes we share. The theme for each journey is connected with Natures cycle, the collective, the personal & the ancestral Feminine.

The above painting came from a process titled ‘Growing Back our own Hands’, based on the folktale the Handless Maiden. It is a story of deep growth and beautiful symbolism of the feminine pysche and the journey we embark on collectively and personally from innocent young woman to empowered expressed Sovereign of our own lives and energy through perseverence, nourishment and support.

Below are the layered steps of this painting, beginning with bare hands and paint. Each layer is a personal intuitive expression of inquiry relating to the theme of the journey. These guided layers build upon the previous one until the painting is complete.