‘Woman Held’ Online Painting Group Spring 2024

‘Women Held’ begins on International Women’s Day, Friday March 8th at 11am.

This regular Intuitive Painting Group runs every second Friday between March and end of June 2024.

Total beginner painters and experienced painters welcome.

This is a shared sanctuary to connect, paint and inspire one another in a small loving group.

These sessions are open ended Intuitive Painting sessions hosted by myself, Aideen. A space for you to connect with your own depth, awareness, instinct and expression – in your own space, and yet also together with a group painting alongside you. Through these sessions, as appropriate, I share teachings on approaches to process painting uses both hands and brushes, overcoming creative blocks, following the thread of what wants to emerge, completing, and interpreting your painting.

While the world can feel chaotic, demanding and heartbreaking at times, we can create an ‘ark’ or sanctuary to connect to our depth, express ourselves with paint and refuel our cups toget’her’.

Dates: Every second Friday beginning March 8.

Price: €25 (2.5-3 hours) or two consecutive sessions for €40.

Payment links for Individual session (March 8th) and Both March sessions (March 8th & 22nd) are below.

Please email me at aideen@fiveleavescreative.org with any queries.