Reclaiming the Feminine

An Intuitive Painting Journey

Sacred Feminine Re-emerging, Aideen Sweeney, February 2021.
The Sacred Feminine (c) Aideen Sweeney

Reclaiming the Feminine is a 6 month Intentional Creativity ® Painting Journey taking place online between the Spring & Autumn Equinox, beginning on March 28th 2021. This is a series of 5 themed day-long Intuitive Painting Workshops aligned with the cycles of the Celtic Wheel, exploring archetypal her-story, feminine symbolism, mythology and most of all, accessing our deepest expression for direction, transformation & joy through Intuitive Art processes.

During this Creative Quest, we will be using body-based energy awareness meditation, story- themed inquiry, visioning processes, journalling, sketching and blend of Spontaneous Art & the 13 step Intentional Creativity ® approach to painting to create 5 personal archetypal images of the Feminine on large canvas.

These layered painting processes will be fully guided to support you create your own archetypal Image, containing your personal symbols, messages and understanding of each Feminine aspect we explore and as with all ‘Intentional Creativity’ paintings is intended to be your own personal Taliswoman to accompany you with the theme of the spiralling healing journey to wholeness that we are all on. I am very excited to offer this course, and it feels timely as I feel a huge re-emergence of the Sacred Feminine coming through in the Collective after being culturally suppressed in the dark for so long 🌹


The 5 aspects of Reclaiming the Feminine we’ll be working on, title & date of each workshop are:

March 28th: Growing back our own hands – Nurturing & developing our self-expression

Sunday May 23rd: the Sacred Marriage – Healing the masculine/feminine aspects of the pysche.

Sunday June 27th: the Golden Tent – Building a solid foundation for our sovereign selves as Women.

Sunday July 25th: the Inner Well – Tending to our inner Wellspring of Vitality & Creativity.

Sunday September 26th: Selkie Soul Woman – Embracing all that nourishes us in our spiral journey to inner wholeness.

Investment in each workshop is £50
(You will need your own canvas and paints 🎨)

Please email me at for booking and to receive payment link. This price includes learning how to paint the Intentional Creativity® way, all the teachings and guidance I share on Intuitive Approaches to Creativity in each day-long workshop, comprehensive support notes provided a few days before each workshop & if you are joining the full series, my ongoing support via email🙏
Payment plans available on request.

All levels of artistic ability welcome, whether you are a skilled artist who wishes to deepen your Intuitive Practice, or a beginner painter.

Please note: All Five Leaves shared teachings and content, unless otherwise stated, are for your personal creative practice 🙏

Growing Back our own Hands, March 2021. Aideen Sweeney (C)
The Sacred Marriage, Aideen Sweeney, May 2021 (c)
The Golden Tent, work in progress, Aideen Sweeney, June 2021 (c)
Maiden of the Sacred Well, work in progress, July 2021 (c)

Selkie Soul Woman, Five Leaves Intuitive Painting Workshop, September 2021.

A short introduction to the themes of our Painting Workshop, Selkie Soul Woman (c) based on the beautiful Inuit story ‘Sealskin Soulskin’ as told by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

‘Sophia”, Selkie Soul Woman, September 2021. (c) Aideen Sweeney
Selkie Soul Woman Introduction to themes of our Painting Workshop.

(c) ‘Reclaiming the Feminine Painting Journey’ with Aideen Sweeney, Five Leaves Creative, 2021. All right reserved.